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Every artist can pinpoint moments in their life that made them want to perform.  For Michael, it began with “Back to the Future II” at age three and playing “Louie Louie” in his cousin’s band at 11.

Born and raised in New York City, Michael started with Doc and the McFly family, and quickly became a screen and stage buff, captivated by the idea that one person could be someone completely different in every performance they gave. 


While film was his first passion, it wasn’t long before music and a growing fascination with lyrics became a close second. can tell entire stories and paint entire pictures with just three verses and a chorus. You can motivate, stimulate, calm, sooth, encourage, excite, arouse, persuade, all within four minutes. There is absolutely nothing like that connection.

So please do take a look around. Listen. Enjoy. Share. If my music can hit even one person in a positive way, that's all I could ever hope for. 


I'll do my best to hit all the right notes for you...

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