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Every actor and singer can pinpoint moments in their life that made them want to perform.  For Michael Jayson, it began with “Back to the Future Part II” at age three and playing “Louie Louie” in his cousin’s band at 11.

Born and raised in New York City, Michael started with Doc and the McFly family, and quickly became a screen and stage buff; captivated by the idea that one person could be someone completely different in every performance they gave.  And while film was his first passion, it wasn’t long before music and a growing fascination with the poetry of lyrics became a close second. (As Jason Mraz said, “It’s all about the wordplay…”)

Needing to have some part in the creation, Michael started acting and writing his first original songs in college, and continued after graduation at both the Lee Strasberg Institute and the UCB.  He has been seen on stages around the city both in plays and performing many of his 30 or so original songs. 


So with some decent training, a lot of heart, and just a tinge of sarcasm, welcome to the official site of Michael Jayson. Whether it be by acting serious or stupid, or singing a song about a perfect relationship or that horrible ex, he hopes you leave with just a bit more of a smile than when you first arrived.


And if not, just leave a message.  Michael will be in the backyard trying to get his damn DeLorean time machine to finally work….

© 2016 Michael Jayson

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